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Acorn Coaching - Liz MoloneyWhen I am asked by new clients to explain "What exactly is coaching and how can it help" I respond by saying that it is primarily an honest and unique partnership /collaboration between the client and the coach where goals are defined, clarified, set and achieved. . By using my learned skills and techniques as a coach I work with my clients to reach their desired outcomes in the best possible way for them. Together we set tasks and actions that are important and relevant to the journey and outcome, the client is also coached and encouraged to remain focused throughout the journey to goal achievement, especially when the going gets a bit tough. As a member of ICF, International Coach Federation my work is guided by their ethical code, I believe in working diligently, honestly, with integrity and openness plus a willingness to go that extra mile.

There are many different types of coaching, and the skills involved are pretty much the same. A coach deals with a client’s life in all its dimensions, personal, professional, life, health and relationships. There will always be an immediate issue but it always broadens out to touch many aspects of a clients life for example, diet, exercise, relationships with partner or children, satisfaction with work, career, retirement or living conditions.

The original coaching concept began with sports coaching, and has traditionally been associated with top sports people, all serious athletes at the top of their game these days work with a coach.

Why do only top athletes have a coach? Is it because they have a coach that they are at the top? Why should not every athlete who is serious about his or her game have a personal coach? Why should not every one who is serious about having the best life possible have a coach too?

Coaching focuses on understanding the present and designing the future, not on fixing but understanding the past. Acknowledging our own limited beliefs as one of the main opponents we face in creating our best life.

As your coach, I know I am not an expert on your life, that is you! I do not need to have detailed knowledge of your business or your life to be able to have a professional and positive working relationship with you.

In a coaching relationship, the emphasis is on action, accomplishment, excellence, being the best that you can be by producing measurable results.

The outcome of coaching is for long-term excellence, and your ability to move forward on your own.

I offer a range of one-to-one and online services for the personal and business customer so please take a moment to view the various sections on our website.

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