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The New Retirement

The new retirement is not an ending; it’s a new beginning, the start of a new life journey of vastly expanding proportions

Richard P. Johnson Ph.D.

The New Retirement is a great and welcoming change from the old retirement. The New Retirement includes looking at the whole retirement process from the view of:

Acorn Coaching Retirement OptionsThe whole notion of Retirement has radically changed and an entirely new definition of retirement has surfaced, it’s a new Human Potential Movement, destined to engage and promote freedom, enabling retirees to sparkle like never before, discovering new freedom of action and a deepening of the human spirit. An exciting new time referred to as Renewal.

The old way of Retirement generated personal fragmentation, desolation, purposelessness, idle busyness and reliance on others. The New Retirement model promotes life enrichment, purposefulness, healthy self- ownership, transformation, and creative self reliance.

The old retirement saw you as ending, The New Retirement sees you as just beginning.

The New Retirement model rests on a cycle of ever continuous:

This New Retirement promises an expanding rather than a constricting sphere of personal growth, a deepened interest in life, a heightened sense of ones own authentic self and a new passion for discovery not felt since youth.

Being able to find more purpose and meaning in your Retirement life through this Retirement Coaching Programme is just one aspect of working with a fully trained and qualified Retirement Options Coach.™

We have all seen people who have done little or no thinking or planning about retirement, and paid little attention to how their lives would change long term. They spent much time and significant amounts of money on the financial aspects of leaving full- time work, but assumed that non-financial issues did not exist.

The focus of The New Retirement Planning Programme is on the non- financial aspect of retirement, I am assuming that you have already taken care of the financial end of things, we concentrate here on:

Besides lacking zest and plans for positive and exciting aspects of retirement, people who don't plan are likely to find themselves in some extremely stressful situations as time moves on.

Some people find it difficult to leave a work identity that may have been their primary persona for 30 to 40 years. Many of today’s retirees are increasingly likely to work past traditional retirement age, deciding to work part-time or even start a new career is very much a part of today’s reality. Most still want time to enjoy doing those things that have filled their Retirement dreams, and this is good, but if they get stuck they don’t do all that well. As your Retirement Coach I can help you to envisage "What you are Retiring to" so that you avoid getting stuck in a retirement that neither fulfils nor sustains you.

So in order to have a successful Retirement the following are of the upmost importance:

Attention to the above ensures that your retirement both fulfils and sustains you through many happy years of your next life stage.

Looking at the areas of life that require planning your retirement does not have to be stressful, if you approach it the right way. Working with an experienced and qualified Retirement Coach ensures that you know what is going to make a difference in your life, as opposed to you trying to figure it all out on your own.

How does it work?

The Retirement Success Profile (RSP) is a scientifically designed assessment tool covering 15 areas that identifies Personal Retirement Strengths and Concerns for people who are serious about planning their retirement, or for those who may have retired already.

The journey from full time work to full time retirement will probably take many years, therefore the earlier you begin preparation the better, with life expectancy in the western world on the increase, retirement years spans somewhere between 20 -25 years. So isn’t it a good idea to give some very careful thought and planning to how you want that time to be for you.

Perhaps in the past you did not get to choose your career, or if you did you wished you had chosen something else, here now is your chance to take control of what happens in this next life stage, exciting isn’t it?

On completion of the Retirement Success Profile (RSP) you will receive a 23 page RSP Personalized Interpretative Report. This personal report provides you with accurate data so you can construct a new lifestyle from the mix of many options available to you.

This data covers the following areas:

Retirement Success Profile(1) Work Reorientation

(2) Attitude towards Retirement

(3) Directedness

(4) Health Perception

(5) Financial Security

(6) Life Stage Satisfaction

(7) Projected Life Satisfaction

(8) Life Meaning

(9) Leisure Interests

(10) Adaptability

(11) Life Stage Satisfaction

(12) Dependents

(13) Familial & Marital Issues

(14) Perception of Age

(15) Replacement of Work Function

The report summarises the results of the responses you gave on the Retirement Success Profile assessment questionnaire based on the above. These results give you an accurate and comprehensive picture of your overall level of readiness for personal change and renewal.

Together we will create a new Retirement Strategy Plan and an exclusive Personal Retirement Mission Statement for especially for you.

On completion of the RSP, you will receive a free copy of the companion book The New Retirement by Richard P. Johnson PhD, founder of this programme. This book is not available to buy anywhere else.

The goal of the RSP is to provide you with the most accurate, personalizes and comprehensive retirement planning information possible, the Retirement Success Profile assessment and planning document has been validated, administered and interpreted by thousands of individuals worldwide over the past 18 years. It is continually refined along the way.

Retiring from your current position does not automatically mean that you are entering a traditional retirement life style where the focus of your life is only on rest and leisure.

A traditional retirement lifestyle is but one option open to you as you transition beyond your current employment.

Taking charge of your retirement now through careful planning and well-developed actions ensures that you are taking responsibility and control of the rest of your life.

Congratulations on getting this far and enjoy the rest of your journey.

Let the rest of your life be the best of your life.

Retirement Preparation coaching is offered to individuals, couples, and groups.

Why not make some one you care about the ultimate gift of a successful and happy retirement by giving them the gift of the Retirement Success Profile assessment and follow on preparation coaching.

Retirement Preparation Workshops

Everybody’s life journey brings him or her to a few critical points of decision.

In retirement, you are moving directly towards another life transition point.

The Retirement Preparation Workshop provides a unique opportunity to explore what Retirement means to you. Gain new insight into how to create the ideal retirement for you. Look forward with excited anticipation to your next life stage. Complete the Life Options Questionnaire prior to the workshop. Explore the 6 Life Arenas of Living.

All that you do in life can be divided into these six arenas of living:

In the Retirement Planning Workshop you will:

Retirement Planning Workshops

(Full day and half-day workshops)

Career & Work

Your career and work arena consists of all that you do that is job or work related.

Health & Wellness

Your Health and Wellness Arena consists of all the energy that you exert to make your body as well as your mind as fit and healthy as possible.

Finance & Insurance

Your Finance and Insurance Arena includes all that you have learned about finances in general and also a sense of how to manage your personal finances.

Family & Relationships

The degree to which you derive satisfaction, intimacy, connectedness, love, and a sense of well being from your primary (marital) relationship and/or family.

Leisure Social

Your Leisure and Social Arena is an expanding and dynamic arena for those who have “graduated” from their full- time work role. All that you like to do when you don’t have to do anything else.

Personal Development

Your Personal Development Arena includes all the actions you perform to improve yourself.

Discover your dream and live it!

Certified Retirement Coach

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